Natural Treatment For Depression That Is Proven To Work

These days, there are a plethora  of pharmaceutical treatment options for depression. However, natural treatment for depression is very often a more salient and safe course of action for those who suffer from this very common condition.

Depression is a serious ailment that should not be left alone. Often times it serves as a precursor to many other diseases or is a warning of something horribly wrong in the body. Anemia and hypothyroidism are two serious conditions that can result in depression. Moreover, leaving depression on its own without taking proper precautions can lead to its gradual increase in intensity becoming serious in a few years.

It is estimated that nearly 20 million people in US go through depression each year and this number is rising. For people who feel awkward discussing depression related stuff with family and doctors, there are choices of a natural treatment for depression that are now proven to be highly effective.

Natural Treatment For Depression – The Alternatives

Natural Treatment For Depression With St. John’s Wort

Natural Treatment For Depression with this herb has been in use as a folk medication to treat worry, nervousness, lack of sleep and sadness for a long time now. What was earlier believed has now been proven to be true that the key ingredients in Hypericum perforatum do indeed elevate mood levels reducing nervousness and sadness. Through 20 different clinical trials, doctors suggest that St. John’s Wort does work much better than placebo and can be therefore used as an effective natural treatment for depression of a mild to moderate manner with little side effects. For severe depression, the patient should consult with a doctor and not rely on these herbal remedies as they are not potent enough.

Finding this herb is easy as it is available commercially in food stores, drug stores, as capsules, liquid and tablets or even tea premix. The herb should start showing effect in 4 to 6 weeks time and maybe accompanied by some amount of dry mouth, dizziness, indigestion and tiredness. Slight increase in photo-sensitivity is possible with regular use.

Natural Treatment for Depression With Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Through a study it was shown that Japan and Taiwan have at least ten times less occurrence of depression cases than the US and elsewhere because their primary diet consists of fish. Fish is a rich source for Omega 3 fatty acids which are essential for the brain as it cannot synthesize this on its own. Healthy levels of Omega 3s in the body reduce depression attacks significantly. Now doctors prescribe Omega 3 supplements along with anti-depressants to patients as its potency increases ten folds.

While cold water fish species such as sardines and salmons are rich in Omega 3, they are also prone to accumulate mercury and other heavy metals in the body. To avoid this fish oil capsule is a better alternative since manufacturers tend to filter out any harmful heavy metal residues before making these capsules. These capsules are sold without prescription in drug stores and even in supermarkets. However, before taking fish oil capsules as natural treatment for depression, consult a doctor as certain other drugs can counter the action leading to severe side effects.

Natural Treatment for Depression With SAM-e

Pronounced as Sammy, this is short for the chemical, S-adenosyl-L-methionine. This chemical is naturally abundant in the human body and is now linked with increased secretion of dopamine and serotonin in the brain. These feel good chemicals when increased in concentration are known to alleviate conditions of depression so any supplements that can directly increase SAM-e levels of the brain will do good as natural treatment for depression. This drug is commonly found over the counter in drug stores and food stores.

Although a costly natural remedy, it does show better results with depression and osteoarthritis. Some side effects associated with its use are constipation and nausea.

Natural Treatment for Depression With CBT

Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, is an extremely effective and powerful way to train your mind to conquer feelings of depression. In essence, it works by rewiring old behaviors, thoughts and feelings to become healthy habits. While this approach takes effort and some perseverance by everyone who attempts it, CBT has been shown to have the longest-lasting positive affect on depression.

CBT is the primary basis for our Destroy Depression™ system. When combined with other changes in things like diet and lifestyle, it can make the difference in living a depression-free life.

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