The Many Types of Depression – A Comprehensive Guide

What is Depression? Definition

Depression is a mental disorder or illness which causes serious psychological and physical impacts on individuals. This condition has become quite common nowadays, as every 7 out of 10 people suffer from it. Affected individuals rarely participate in exciting activities and prefer leading a lonely life.

In this website, we have explored all the types of depressions, their causes, symptoms, and possible treatments methods available. We have made an attempt to provide you with a comprehensive online resource that will answer all your questions related to depression.

Types of Depression

There is no specific reason that can trigger this issue, but you need to be careful about the symptoms that are often seen in people suffering from it. Clinical depression is known to be the one of the severest disorders. Dysthymia or Chronic, Bipolar, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), and others are some of the types of mental illness.

Following are the other Types of Depression:

Manic Depression

It is considered to be one of the most dangerous forms of mental illness. Patients usually experience high and low mood swings, which often change unpredictably. It can impact men and women of all age group and it needs immediate medical attention. There is no exact reason for its occurrence, but it can be commonly found in adolescent age and can be due to genetic issue.

With proper medical attention and care, you can cure this disorder. There are specialized doctors, who are experienced in tackling such cases.

Some symptoms are as follows:

  • The patient usually speaks too fast¸ without been bothered if the other person apprehends or not
  • Insomnia – Lack of sleep
  • In case of gown-ups, they might experience sudden boost in their sex drives
  • They are always aggressive in nature


Major Depressive Disorder

This mental condition is quite severe mental illness. However, it can be cured with the help of a good therapist and taking proper medicines. There are millions of people across the world who suffers from this disorder every year. Patients usually are inclined towards the thought of committing suicide and they lack self confidence.

They are always low on enthusiasm and prefer to be idle instead of indulging in their favorite activities. It is also known as clinical depression that has psychological impact on their lives. There is no exact reason that states the occurrence of this ailment. In this case, a specific type of chemical is formed inside a human brain, and it takes time to cure this disorder.

Clinical Depression

Clinical depression is also known as winter blues and it symptoms can be easily identified. The person usually feels sad, withdrawn, and miserable. Patients will not be interested in doing the everyday work. They sometimes stop eating food and are not bothered about how they dress. They don’t socialize with people and prefer to lead a life away from others.

A sudden demise of a family member, losing job, divorce, break-ups, and others factors are some of the reasons that can trigger this issue. Stress and a constant feeling of failure can make them mentally ill. The patient will definitely need medical help, in order to overcome this condition. If a person is suffering from this mental condition for more than 2 weeks, then he needs immediate medical assistance.

Postpartum Depression

New moms usually suffer from this illness. They generally are unhappy about their motherhood and not confident about their potentialities. The symptoms are seen soon after they give birth to a baby. This clinical ailment lasts from few weeks to months and in some rare cases, up to a maximum of one year. Sometimes, you can easily cure it with proper care and affection, while in other cases you need to consult a doctor.

Sadness, prolonged unhappiness, high level of anxiety, and irritation are some of the common symptoms. They might need counseling, in order to completely recover from this disorder.

Seasonal Depression

As the name suggests, seasonal depression impacts the person during winter. They are less excited about doing any task and are often found in bad mood. Some people also experience this during the spring season. It normally happens with the change in the climate. It is recurring disorder, and disappears when the climate changes.

In many cases, you don’t need medical assistance. It is necessary that you go out and enjoy sun, as it helps in controlling mood swings. Patients suffer from sleeplessness and they experience reduced appetite. It is recommended that you exercise and indulge into activities that will keep you active. The serotonin level in the body plays an important role in this disorder. When compared to men, women too often suffer from this ailment.

Atypical Depression

It is commonly known to be a subcategory of depression and has its own set of symptoms. Treatment varies from one individual to the other and mainly depends upon the severity of the issue. The patients suffer from mood swings and it stops them from getting involved in things that they like to do. Unlike others, they tend to overeat and experience a sudden weight gain.

Sometimes due to breaks-ups, they might feel a sense of hopelessness. They are always unhappy about some or the other issue. Insomnia is one of the common symptoms of this disorder. It is suggested to consult a doctor who can help you in curing this condition as soon as possible. You can opt for a psychiatric or medicinal assistance for getting rid of it.

Psychotic Depression

This is one of the most severe mental disorders, where the patients constantly feel sorry for themselves. Sometimes, they might see or hear things that are completely illogical. They don’t have a control over their minds and usually have a low sense of confidence. Patients need to be admitted in a hospital, in case they are suffering from the advanced level stage of this condition.

This issue is quite different from the mental illness, thus you might need to consult a doctor to cure it. Patients usually suffer from anxiety, agitation, constipation, insomnia, and many other such issues.

Teen Depression

There has been a drastic increase in the teen depression in the last few years. Their state is equally serious and needs immediate medical attention. Teens are quite sensitive and don’t tackle many issues in a practical manner. If ignored, then it might lead to suicide case, though not all of them tend to do so. Parents usually don’t get spend time with their children, which makes them feel ignored and less important.

They mostly stay away from their friends and restrains from getting involved into any gaming activities. They are least interested in eating food or participating into any of their favorite activities. No proper night sleep and isolation are some of the other signs of this ailment. However, with appropriate medical help this disorder can be treated.

Depression in Children

Improper food and sleep can sometimes cause depression in children. It impacts them physically, physically, and emotionally. Teens normally suffer from a disorder known as celiac disease. It reduces their energy level and keeps them less motivated always. Parents can minimize the intake of gluten in their food, which is one the main reasons for this disorder.

It is recommended to consult a doctor who can suggest the best course of treatment, in order to get rid of this sickness. If your children are allergic to some food items, then you must ensure that they do not consume it under any circumstance.

Situational Depression

Some people usually get depressed during a particular time of the year and experience emotional breakdown. Divorce, death, and others could affect an individual’s mental health. In other words, it is situational. However, you can easily cope with such a situation by regularly exercising and eating the right kind of food.

You might want to stop caffeine products and eat food which is rich in Vitamins. This will help in keeping your both, body and mind, active.

Mild Depression

Moderate or mild depression is very common. Many of them hide the symptoms away from their friends and relatives, as they believe that it will go away naturally. This doesn’t happen, as sometimes you might have to consult a doctor. Depending upon the mental condition, the doctor will recommend a natural medicine or therapy.

Deficiency in minerals and vitamins can cause this issue, so it is necessary that you change your eating habit. Proper exercise and sleep can help you in relaxing your mind and overcome this issue as soon as possible.


This disorder is known to be the milder form of bipolar depression and can intensify with time, if left untreated. There is no proper cure to heal this disorder as one needs to work oneself to cure this issue. Sometimes it develops into a full bipolar disorder, which is quite risky and life threatening. The change in mood can make lead to suicide. The affected person will always be irritated and annoyed just about everything around him or her.

It can be cured with medications and psychotherapy. It might be a lengthy process and take more than couple of months to recover. Counseling is another best way to tackle this issue.


Patients suffering from this disorder normally experience difficulty in sleeping, eating food, or carrying out their daily works. The symptoms don’t occur for more than 2 months and when diagnosed, needs immediate medical attention. They are never happy and show signs of depression. They feel their life is worthless and might try to commit to suicide.

Fatigue, loss of interest, and not be able to concentrate are some of the symptoms. Your doctor can suggest the best treatment to cure this disorder.

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