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Pay-Per-Click Ads

Pay Per Click advertisement is a form of advertising where Advertisers pay for visitors on a cost per click basis. The advertisers create small adverts that go live immediately and can be modified, added or deleted at any time which is a huge advantage.

With such a flexible model, PPC can be an extremely effective advertisement method that brings loads of targeted visitors to your affiliate link.

Below this list, you will find some example ads you can use on any of these networks as well as some targeted keywords.

High Traffic Keywords

Here are some targeted keywords that you can scroll through and use in your pay-per-click campaigns to turn your traffic into cash!

Text Ad Examples

Eliminate Your Depression
Win Control Over Your Depression
Free Yourself From All Symptoms

What Causes Depression?
Former Sufferer Discovers The TRUTH
Why You Suffer From Depression

Dominate Your Depression
20 Year Depression Sufferer Reveals
Solution To Control All Symptoms

Stop Feeling Depressed
Why Your Depression Treatment
Is Only Making Your Symptoms Worse

Destroy Your Depression
Reclaim Your Power Over Depression
Live A Depression-Free Life

Can't Find Exactly What You Need?

We have a professional copywriter and a graphic designer on staff. If you need custom affiliate material such as branded promos, testimonials, reviews, articles, banners, buttons, or anything else under the sun... Just get in touch and we'll take care of you!

We also welcome JV proposals and offer higher commission tiers for high-volume traffic.

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