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Email promotions can by a highly profitable tool for an affiliate – especially if you have a decent size list to market to!

I have attached a few sample emails which you have my permission to use for your promotions of my website and product. Note that these are ONLY templates and examples. The best email promotions are hand written yourself because personal endorsements always work best!

Again, feel free to cut and paste the email's below, cut and paste excerpts, add your personalized touch, or use your own testimonials and make the email work for you.

TIP: You can also try sending out one of our shorter, high-converting text ads as an email.


Email #1

Subject: Are you sick of being depressed?

If you suffer from depression or know someone who does, you know the enormous cost of psychotherapy and prescription antidepressants.

Most depression sufferers try many different approaches before they are finally able to end their depression once and for all.

It is not uncommon for a person to spend thousands of dollars on several different therapists and medications only to find that the depression returns or never really goes away completely.

What you might not know is that you CAN end your depression without spending a small fortune!

Rather than focusing on only one expensive remedy or therapist, you can take charge of your own journey toward healing by selecting remedies that work for you.

“Destroy Depression” will give you the tools you need to do just that.




“Destroy Depression” is a complete source of information that will guide you through the different types and causes of depression and give you a comprehensive set of things you can do right now to treat your depression

WITHOUT making another doctor’s appointment or filling another prescription.

The best way to beat your depression is to understand as much as you can about it. “Destroy Depression” will give you a complete view of the physical, mental and emotional aspects of depression and enable you to beat it.




Get your copy of “Destroy Depression” and begin to take control of your life by mapping out your own road to recovery.




Email #2

Subject: Lift Your Mood Without a Prescription

Have you visited a doctor about your depression only to be given a costly prescription for an antidepressant medication?

Perhaps you’ve tried more than one medication because not everyone responds to every drug the same way.

Or maybe you’ve tried taking pills but have never gotten past the side effects.

The most common antidepressants have adverse effects ranging from irritability to stomach upset to loss of libido. Even if your depression has lifted, are you satisfied with the cost and side effects of prescription drugs?

For many people, there is a better way to treat depression naturally.




The reason your doctor has not told you about these treatments is because it's not what he or she was trained to do. Also, since natural treatment cannot be patented, there are no big marketing campaigns making doctors and patients aware of its benefit in treating depression.

“Destroy Depression™" teaches you how to improve your mood and even enable you to get off your antidepressant medications completely. Get your copy and take the first steps to a more natural way of feeling good.




Email #3

Subject: Change Your Mind, Change Your Mood

If you’re fighting depression, you probably think a lot.

You think about the reasons you are depressed and you think about what you can do to get over your depression. You may find that you tell yourself the story of your depression over and over because you think it will help you to deal with it better. You think about what other people think of you, and you avoid being around them because you think they will notice there is something “wrong” with you.

If you’re in therapy, there’s a good chance that all of this thinking about depression is encouraged by a well-meaning counselor who asks you to evaluate your feelings and your thoughts about your feelings.

How is this working for you?

The truth is that you can probably help your depression more if you stop thinking about it! In fact, many of the things depression suffers do, as well as the things they avoid, probably contribute more to depression than they help.

For example, if you’re invited out for the evening, you probably don’t go. Perhaps your decision not to go is preceded by thinking of dozens of reasons why you should not go or why it won’t be fun. But what if you could just get up and go and know that you would be able to enjoy yourself?

In “Destroy Depression,” you will discover the ways that many people unknowingly keep depression going, even while trying to “treat it.” You will also find out what you can do differently, including five simple steps that you can take to begin to feel better right now, one step at a time.

Learn More by Clicking Here:




Email #4

Subject: When it Comes to Beating Depression, Awareness May be Key


If you’re depressed, you most likely pay a lot of attention to your feelings.

But is it the right kind of attention for getting past the symptoms that are dragging you down? If you find yourself going over and over the same problems in your head, trying desperately to understand yourself and find a way out of your depression, you are doing what psychologists call ruminating. Ruminating is common in depression, but it is not a helpful strategy. Of course, ignoring your symptoms won’t help either. That is a coping mechanism that psychologists call denial. Very often, people who are depressed fall into the trap that there are only two ways to deal with depression – deny it exists or over-analyze.

There is a better way, and it comes from the research of a groundbreaking pioneer in the field of stress reduction. The best way to overcome depression is not to ignore it and not to spend a lot of time thinking about it; it’s simple to be aware of it.




Awareness is a powerful psychological tool that allows you to pay attention to a problem, in this case depression, without judging yourself or being attached to your symptoms. When you can do this, your entire relationship with depression will change. While it takes a little time to get used to this practice, awareness, also known as mindfulness, is a proven way to change the way you think about depression and what it means to be “depressed.”

In “Destroy Depression,” you can read about mindfulness in detail and find out how to use this simple but powerful strategy to reduce symptoms of depression and live with more energy and joy.



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